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3 year old with attitude....

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kgc Sun 03-Jul-05 00:07:23

hey there everyone

I have a three year old with a real attitude, it took ages to potty train her during the day and is a total nightmare she is still in nappies at night when my eledest daughter at her age was not...she is also on a bottle with milk at night (not during day though) and I has had some speech problems this has been put down to lazyness and her big sister doing all talkin for her...she now now has a big sister, a younger brother and younger sister. She is totally wild and my husband says she would have been better in the dark ages chasing after food with a spear and in a loin cloth shouting "UGG UGG" with a spear!!! Can anyone help with some suggestions on taming this wild child....?????

Fran1 Sun 03-Jul-05 00:09:35

No enjoy her! don't tame her. wild children are fab, they know what they want and go get it.

When she's older everyone will know her name whether they know her or not.

she has the makings of a very successful person don't stifle it.

Can you tell i have a wild child too always look on the bright side of life.

dropinthe Sun 03-Jul-05 00:12:53

No child is the same-my ds at three and a half is still in nappies at night-she sounds like my best friends girl of 3 and a half-they turn out to be the clever ones-Stig of the Dump she may be now but a future Proffessor you have in the making!!!!

kgc Sun 03-Jul-05 00:16:38

hey fran1

Thanks for for your message, was really nice ...when she was born she came out screaming and my DH said she was Tina Turner and she has not stopped maybe a career there.....not to be dampened..!!!

Fran1 Sun 03-Jul-05 00:22:02

lol kgc i was just trying to write a post which i can't explain in words.

Kind of thanking you for jolting me back to the real world.

I have a "wild child" as you said. And mostly we get on great, but sometimes it exhausts me and we have a few days of battle.

I think your words "taming this wild child" put me back into gear. My dd has worn me out these last few days and its easy for me to slip into the oh shes such a pain mode. Your post reminded me what a great little girl she is and yours too!

Lets love them for who they are and see if they make Tina Turner standards

kgc Sun 03-Jul-05 00:22:11 husband has also callled her stig of the laughed at that also and maybe you right they will go on to be something....

kgc Sun 03-Jul-05 00:28:23

hey fran1..
yes totally wild child....she does totally exhaust me above all my other kids..she is such hard work..the most and a real character.....but I am so glad to hear other people have the same probs as me makes me feel so much better... and from all the posts maybe they are mean;t to be something special.!!!

Tortington Sun 03-Jul-05 01:02:36

speech probs? please force a detailed hearing test. the lazyness may just be on the part of your local NHS trust - who dont want to spend money.

Katemum Sun 03-Jul-05 08:05:10

Nappies at night wouldnt concern me at all, my 4 1/2 year old still isn't dry yet.

MrsBigD Sun 03-Jul-05 08:14:42

kgc... you're not alone
my dd is 3.5 and only recently I got her out of wanting nappies during the day for no. 2's. She's still in nappies over night but i'm not worried.

As for speech... dd was a bit slow until she started nursery in January... now she doesn't shut up!

And for the milk in the bottle... dd drinks everything from a glass... except for milk... that BELONGS in a bottle as far as she is concerned. But who can blame her... it's been in a bottle from day one

Not to forget her extreme stubborn streak (from dh's genes I'm sure) and inexhaustable energy reserves...

do I need say more?

KiwiKate Sun 03-Jul-05 08:21:51

My SIL (now 32 yo) would not talk till well after 3yo because she could make herself perfectly understood without words. When she went to nursery (where no one did what she wanted unless she used words) she started talking in full sentences and never stopped.

It's not that she couldn't talk, she just couldn't be bothered. But if you are worried that she can't talk, then you may want to get her checked out. But it may be no more than that she doesn't need to talk

kgc Sun 03-Jul-05 13:28:28

Thanks all for comments glad to hear I am not alone with this

kgc Mon 04-Jul-05 23:19:01

three year olds are a nightmare and I shall just have to ride with it....

kgc Mon 04-Jul-05 23:20:14

Although do not get me wrong some are not....for those out there that have fantastic three year olds....

lynnej Wed 06-Jul-05 20:26:04

Can i first ask what does "ds", "dd" and "dh" stand for? I am new to the site - am I just being thick?"

My three year old boy started talking properly the day he turned 3, we were extremely worried about him up until then but he just did it.

He is still in nappies at night and won't give up his bottle, my little girl didn't let us take it off her until she started school.

kgc Sat 09-Jul-05 21:09:59

Glad to hear I am not the only one out there...! P.S. lynnej I am quite new too and had to try work this one out too and I think they stand for Darling Son i.e DS not too sure but know they refer to son, daughter and husband........hope that right anyway as have been using it like that myself!!!!!

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