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she's so hyper!

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alhambra Thu 30-Jun-05 19:50:32

my dd 6.5 is going through a difficult patch at the moment. We've moved house a lot over the last few years, and we've just moved house AGAIN and she hates her new school and is not settling well. She's clearly very anxious and wound up - she's weeing loads and not sleeping well - but she's also increasingly difficult to handle, especially round the witching hour time of bath/bedtime. It's like she really is out of herself and out of control, she is rude, hysterical, or laughs mirthlessly, throws things, kicks, and is pretty hard to deal with. I also have another dd who is nearly 4 who is watching all this with hawk eyes, and has copied some of the behaviours. I would be really interested in hearing how parents who have had similar experiences have dealt with this. It's a really terrible time of day, and I'm not really on the ball with it. I can see that she is totally not in control of herself, but it is very difficult to bring her back to herself before bedtime. Incidentally, we have always had a really good bath and bedtime routine. You know, relaxing after tea, then lavender bath, then stories, cuddles and songs.

alhambra Thu 30-Jun-05 22:22:34

bump anyone?

coppertop Thu 30-Jun-05 22:30:57

Could it be a reaction to something she's eaten at tea-time? Sometimes certain foods can cause a hyper reaction. It may be that she's a little like my ds2 (2.5yrs). When he gets tired he gets hyper rather than lethargic and literally bounces off the walls.

Does she drink a lot of liquid during the day?

alhambra Fri 01-Jul-05 15:51:40

thanks for the suggestions. She eats really healthily and drinks fine as far as I'm aware. I take your point coppertop, but whereas that kind of hyperness is quite normal in a toddler - especially a boy - my daughter is 6.5 and it's totally uncharacteristic behaviour for her. Anyone else any experience of this?

saadia Fri 01-Jul-05 16:07:10

Sorry got no real relevant experience. Ds1, 3 1/2 gets like that when he is overtired, or when ds2 starts getting extra attention. Don't really know what to suggest. Have you tried doing time-out?

Stilltrue Fri 01-Jul-05 17:57:04

Alhambra - I have a dd aged 6y+8m. Until about 3 or 4 months ago she was the easiest, loveliest little girl imaginable. I now have some of the behaviours you describe and I'm not sure what to do either! Mine eats well, is doing very well at school (same setting since age 3 so very settled, but I can only describe it as an invasion of the dervishes! I have hysterical tantrums from her, loads of whining, stroppiness, stubbornness, refusing to do things, speaking like a teenager with attitude, you name it, it's all happening. I also have 3 dss (18m, 9 and 11). We moved house about 2 years ago, but I think in my case all this is too delayed to be a reaction to baby/move.

I have wondered whether there is a hormonal cause. I know boys often have a testosterone surge around age 4; maybe something analogous happens with little girls. i just don't know.

Anyway you're not alone!

alhambra Wed 06-Jul-05 17:55:16

Thank you everyone. sorry, i've been away so haven't posted. Yes maybe it's hormonal. I can hear her now being vile to the nanny - I'm supposed to be working. Oh yeh, the other thing is her table manners have gone totally out the window, she is eating like a pig and seeming to get grim enjoyment from our horrified reaction. We do time out her, but it seems to have little effect, she is really wild. ANy more thoughts really welcome...........................

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