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39-42 Month Check-ups

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QueenFlounce Thu 30-Jun-05 13:25:03

My friends ds just had this assessment with the HV. He wouldn't sit down for any length of time, or concentrate. He wouldn't copy what she drew either, he chose to draw David Beckham instead! However, the assessment ended with NO conclusive results for anything!

The HV has told her that he had a serious problem with lack of concentration and perhaps shouldn't start school in August 2006. My friend got really angry and defensive and is now refusing to go back for another assessment!

I really think he would benefit from this. He is a very disruptive boy and if he isn't centre of attention he gets worse. My ds is 6 mths older than him and my ds is really scared of him! He hits/nips/scratches my ds all the time and my ds spends most of the time in his company crying! She won't discipline him though... she just asks him Why he did and makes him say sorry. He just does it again and again though. And he fully admits everything he has done likehe's very proud of it.

It is breaking my heart to see my ds being bullied like this and wonder if this behaviour is actually a sign of an underlying problem that the 39-42wk assessment may uncover.

QueenFlounce Thu 30-Jun-05 13:34:45

Sorry, didn't really ask anything there...
I'm looking for advice from anyone with a similar experience with that assessment who may have discovered their child has behavioural difficulties...

And I'm also looking for advice as to how to stop him bullying my ds. I have told ds to hit him back, but honestly this boy is like a whirlwind! He runs up to ds who will be sitting watching TV...scratches (draws blood!) then runs off and confesses all to his Mum. Whilst my ds is screaming upstairs.

QueenFlounce Thu 30-Jun-05 13:55:13


QueenFlounce Thu 30-Jun-05 14:09:32

Maybe I should post this under a different title.

Sax Thu 30-Jun-05 14:28:28

Firstly, is there anyone ie. dh who can and does discipline this little boy?

If so could they perhaps take him to the assessment?

Secondly, is his mum concerned about his development - ie. are there things she is worried about in comparison to other children his age?

Have you/her thought about ASD or ADHD?? Have these concerns been discussed with the HV either with or without the little boy present?

Does Mum not really know how to handle him? or is she really just letting him run riot?

sorry Queenflounce - I don't know if I can help but would like to if I can! I can't sort my own shit but maybe I can help others.....

oliveoil Thu 30-Jun-05 14:41:41

I posted on here and bumped if for you ages ago but my post has vanished?????!!!!!!!

QueenFlounce Thu 30-Jun-05 15:00:38

Sorry OO - Noone replied to my other thread so I changed the title to a more appropriate one and you posted on the other thread. Thank you.

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