5 month old blowing raspberries all the time - early talker?

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thisxgirl Fri 01-Jan-10 19:20:24

A friend of mine just said that because my five month old is blowing lots of raspberries, he's likely to be an early talker...is that true? She has two DCs of her own so perhaps she knows better than I do? I was just surprised that she would say that him blowing raspberries is indicative of an early talker, rather than all of the other noises he makes a lot...

Is 5 months even early for all this cooing and squealing and pffft-ing?

bargainhuntingbetty Fri 01-Jan-10 19:22:45

Hi there

My dd1 was an expert raspberry blower at this age and yes she did talk very early but I dont think the two went hand in hand to be honest. She was a very good speaker from about 16 months and as I say she was an excellent raspberry blower, I think you should just congratulate yourself on putting lots of time into your child and teaching him things.

bargainhuntingbetty Fri 01-Jan-10 19:23:53

read this

Is your 5 month old your first by any chance?

Marne Fri 01-Jan-10 19:27:02

lol, never herd of this grin, dd2 was a raspberry blower, she has Autism and has only just started talking at the age of 3.6.

mathanxiety Fri 01-Jan-10 19:29:49

Is your DS teething? I think the raspberry blowing helps calm the hurting gums.

thisxgirl Fri 01-Jan-10 19:56:22

Libra, yes, is it that obvious?!

mathanxiety - he's dribbling and red-cheeked so I'd say so. Much more plausible!

bargain - thank you for the link. It makes sense that he's just learning to use his mouth...I suppose only time will tell if he takes the next step any earlier than usual!

mathanxiety Fri 01-Jan-10 20:21:13

When there's excess dribble, the raspberries get loud and lots of fun.

Moresproutsplease Fri 01-Jan-10 20:26:29

I think he's trying to join in the conversation! He's being sociable and mimicking others chatting. He's also discovered he can do it, enjoys the sensation and as you react to it, he'll repeat it. In that way, I suppose it can be linked to early talking because the more you respond to a child, the more they will interact with you.

SheWillBeLoved Fri 01-Jan-10 23:08:01

DD is 5 months and constantly does this, it's our alarm clock in the morning grin the minute she starts to wake up, she blows raspberries whilst she is still half asleep! Blowing one on her cheek usually sets her off

mcflumpy Fri 01-Jan-10 23:56:45

My DDstarted doing this around 5 months and is still going strong at 6.5 months. Also our alarm clock. Her new favourite usage is to blow a raspberry whilst bf...nice...

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