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Very worried parent of 3 month old

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checky Thu 30-Jun-05 10:26:27

Can anyone little boy has a fractured skull. WHile he is showing no signs of distress, and we have been discharged from hospital after a stay of 5 days, they did no scans on him.
I am now really worried that something could be going on that I dont know in his head. I have been told several times you should have got a scan but the docs said it wasnt necessary.
Im quite scared that I should have pushed them and didnt, has anyone been through this and what happened?

Many thanks

ScrewballMuppet Thu 30-Jun-05 10:37:00

My little boy was dropped on floor, his swelled up on one side trerrified theliving daylights out of me when he was only a few weeks old. A&E said he was fine no stay, no scans , no follow up. He is fine didn't have any side affects. But loooking back I would of been adamant at tham checking him thoroughly and getting follow up appointments or something....anything but more then the care he received.

If you feel unsure then you need to get in touch with the ward he stayed in and tell them your worries. To that they should either reassure you or organise a scan if you feel you definately want a scan for him, be persistent.

fletchie Thu 30-Jun-05 10:42:57

I agree! I really feel for you, you must be worried sick. When my dd was 10 months she fell head first down the stairs. When we took her to hospital, they didn't scan her because they said it can be harmful for babies - perhaps this is the reason they are reluctant to scan? She was absolutely fine - it took me longer to get over it and I cried more than she did! If you really feel unsatisfied, my advice would be to go back to A&E for a second opinion - you never see the same doc twice, so they may be more helpful. Wishing you and your little one all the best x

serah Thu 30-Jun-05 22:22:28

I can't say my little fella had a fractured skull, but he fell off the nappy changing table whilst DP turned his back to turn the taps off. All I heard was a "whummmppph" from the kitchen downstairs and my feet didn't touch the ground before I got to the top step as I knew it could only be one thing. I got him in the car and raced off towards hospital, and all I could see was this tiny thing rolling around in his carseat. I ended up hijacking an ambulance and they took him to hospital, with a tiny little oxygen mask on. By the time we got there, he'd come back to us on the oxygen and spent the next 30 minutes crying, and then for the rest of the night was laughing at all the other mums and children in the A&E.

My relief could not be measured.

However, we were asked to stay the night, although everyone was confident that he was OK, as he'd had a period of "being out" they did not want to take any chances with him being so young.

I would, at least like to imagine, that the same applies to your baby's treatment - they are not going to risk taking chances and must be confident about your little boy to release him.

I still think it is a good idea to talk to someone in the medical profession over your fears though - THEY are probably not doing YOU any good!

likklemum Thu 30-Jun-05 23:19:25

Don't forget you can always phone NHS Direct for a bit of reassurance/advice 08454647.
Oh, and give the little soldier a get well squeeze from me.xx

melbob Thu 30-Jun-05 23:19:33


I fell down the stairs with DS when he was 1 month old, he had a massive fracture of his skull and a haematoma (clot). They x-rayed him first and saw the fracture and clot and said they would scan to see the extent of the clot. they did say that they don't normally scan babies because of the risks. I would take it as a positive sign that they didn't scan him.

DS was absolutely fine a bit grumpy on the first day but fair enough, he had a headache and a half I expect,.

it was awful awful awful so frightening but the staff were fantastic. I got a huge amount of support from my HV and you might want to contact yours or your GP.

That was last august and I still get flashbacks and upset when something reminds me, one of the most helpful things the doctor said was you will probably always feel bad about it. She was kind and it has helped 'cos I know how I feel is normal. I'm not sure if this helps checky but I know being told that has helped me.

Big hug to you and your little boy.

checky Fri 08-Jul-05 09:42:43

Thanks everyone for your good wishes and advice.
We are still under daily 'surveillance' but they are adamant that he doesnt need scanning. Have spoken to 4 doctors now ( they probably think Im a pain) and all say the same so I am going to finally try and relax about it. It helps that Jaiden looks fine and is acting normal so I guess its me that has to get over it!
I'm still really nervous about anyone looking after him now tho apart from my sis and my mum.

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