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Baby talk

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SAHD Tue 28-Jun-05 20:51:37

My nearly three-year-old son who has been speaking very clearly from an early age has suddenly reverted back to baby babble.

It is driving me up the wall. I try to ignore him and not give him what he is asking for until he speaks properly.

Has anyone else experienced this or knows why it happens.

BadgerBadger Wed 29-Jun-05 02:28:53

My DD1 (she's 3 too) does this on occasion. I play along, because from a developmental POV, she's doing fine (she can speak perfectly well, if she wants!). I've only ever looked on it as a bit of imaginative exploration on her part. Inventing her own words and whatnot.

I have found, in certain circumstances (when I need to know what she needs a.s.a.p.) that retorting with and equally ridiculous word or sentence soon provokes a reaction.

i.e. DD1 "Mummy, doshjda!"
Me "Oh, you want a dibbleshimwhatsit?"
DD1 (Smiling but speaking with the height of indignance) "No mummy, a banana!"

Job done!

vivie Wed 29-Jun-05 13:44:23

I read somewhere that experimenting with different sounds is a really important part of learning language, and enjoying language. My ds is 2.7 and does this too sometimes. He really likes making up 'words' that rhyme with real words and making lots of 'words' that start with the same sounds. He thinks it's really funny. I imagine this turns into enjoying things like rhymes, poetry, jokes and puns etc.

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