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Jealous of newborn

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Vossy Tue 28-Jun-05 16:49:26

I have a five week old and a two and a half year old and the latter is driving me MAD!!! The main problem is with him hitting and punching his baby brother. The worst instances are when I am feeding the baby and he is constantly trying to clamber across me to get to his little brother to cuddle him, which ends up in him hurting him. I then get very angry and stressed and feel like I am shouting all day every day. Any ideas? He will not take no for an answer, is extremely strong and time out works for a while then he just does it again and smiles at me.

QueenOfQuotes Tue 28-Jun-05 16:51:32

Have you tried getting a book to read him while you're feeding the baby - if he can turn the pages you could have one in either arm and he may not feel so left out at feeding times.

DS1 was a little older than yours when DS2 was little (he had just turned 3) but I used to get him to 'help' me - getting the nappy, wipes etc etc, and when DS2 was sleeping I'd make and 'extra' effort to do something 'special' with him.

chicagomum Tue 28-Jun-05 17:37:12

i was advised to make a bf box for dd (3) when ds was born - it contains a few special things for the older child to do at feeding time, some books to read together, a dvd etc so you make it an important time for her and not just all about the baby,i also agree about trying to ivolve with day to day baby care as much as poss, i also found praising the older one and commenting on all the things they are able/allowed to do "because they are such a big girl" that the baby can't do,

do cut him some slack though, he's world has just been turned upside down and its bound to take some time for him to settle into his new life - can someone look after baby for an hour or so to allow you some time devoted exclusively to ds1?

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