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worried for a friends..

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Podmog Tue 28-Jun-05 16:12:42

Message withdrawn

Podmog Wed 29-Jun-05 08:09:19

Message withdrawn

basketcase Wed 29-Jun-05 08:18:45

There is a little boy at my DD’s playgroup who will be in her reception class next year with identical type behaviour. I really feel for his parents as they are intelligent, loving people who try really hard.
What are your specific worries? If you are worried for the child, try not to be - most likely a phase and something that can be resolved with age and learning. The school should be well placed for identifying and helping her improve her social and behavioural skills, even getting in a pysch ed if necessary. It shouldn’t be a bad experience for her as most staff are very tolerant and supportive in the reception class. I think the book thing is relatively normal, as weird as it sounds. Just sounds like an unusual security blanket. My sister has a broken plastic horse’s leg that she carried around stuck up her jumper for months and months - she turned out ok!
If you are worried about her being disruptive in class and disturbing others, wait and see. If you are worried about things your DD says about the class then have a quiet word with the teacher but wouldn’t recommend you pre-empt it. As a teacher (not for a few years) we dealt with our fair share of disruptive children and have quite a few tactics up our sleeves to support and help them come round as well as making sure it has minimal impact on other children in the group. Could well be a confidence thing. Perhaps organising some more play dates with your DD and someo ther children would help prepare her?

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