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R.I.P Dummy!

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emily05 Mon 27-Jun-05 11:27:21

Ds is a dummyoholic. He loves his dummys and will not sleep without one.

Anyway, he is nearly 3 and DH have recently discussed getting rid of his dummys.
Last night when going to sleep ds asked for his dummy. DH said "no, not tonight, you are a big boy now". Ds said "ok" and went to sleep!

I decided that this must be a fluke. But he slept all night and has just gone down for a nap without one! Not a peep.

I cannot believe it. I thought it would be a nigtmare and was even going to post on here for advice! kids ah!

Maddison Mon 27-Jun-05 11:58:10

Congratulations!! Hope this is not a one off....

maretta Mon 27-Jun-05 13:21:00

I'm so envious but you've given me hope. DS has just turned two and I'm sure his dummy addiction is getting worse.

Hope you're rid of the dummies for good. Perhaps you should get him a big boys only present.

emily05 Mon 27-Jun-05 14:06:06

Thanks guys.
It is so funny. we thought that he was such an addict that dh was going to take time off of work to help me wean him off! I was convinced that we wouldnt have a nights sleep whilst he was adjusting.
Maddison - hope it isnt a one off too!

maretta - He is definantly getting a big boys pressie! with ds I limited his dummys to just at night, so that when we cut it out it wouldnt be such a shock. I think you will know when the right time is. I have noticed lately that ds was disguarding his dummy more and more. I think that it was becoming hard work keeping it in his mouth!!

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