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Proud Mum

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kazoo Fri 24-Jun-05 09:38:49

Thought I would post something about good behaviour for a change.
Yesterday 2 friends came to visit who haven't seen my kids for a while. Ds is 18 months and dd is 22 wks. Dp was working late and I had to do the tea, bath and bed thing all by myself infront of these 2 friends. Was huge potential for crying, moaning, foodthrowing etc. in front of this audience but infact they were beautifully behaved. Both friends commented on how good they were. I felt so chuffed and proud and realised that all my hard work and effort with them is eventually working and I feel I can now forgive them the odd bad day!

LastChance Fri 24-Jun-05 09:44:22

Hi Kazoo. Isn't it just the BEST feeling when all your hard work pays off. I know how you feel. My ds (18 mnths) always comes back after a day with grandparents with then saying "what a peach he's been". Makes you feel good, doesn't it o)

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