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If this isnt silent reflux then what could it be....

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Freyfreysmum Fri 13-Nov-09 08:15:57

LO is 5 weeks on Monday and if she isnt asleep then she is crying. From 8 - 11ish at night is worse, where she screams until she is asleep. She wont take a bottle, even though with the stress of it all my milk supply is diminishing rapidly. It isnt just a normal cry, but a worrying cry, piercing, and the fear in her eyes is really upsetting.

When she starts to feed or tries to her legs start shaking, she thrashes her arms around and screams and screams.
She has a Lot of wind, up and down. She only falls asleep upright, on me, or in the car.

Other things tried tested and apparently failed :

Infasoy to see if Lact intolerent
Cranial osteopathy
Homeopathic probiotic
Acid suppressents
Acid Blockers
Infacol and Dentinox

She saw a specialist re her mouth 2 weeks ago who confirmed she doesnt have tongue tie, Ive had 3 other opinions on this.

She seems afraid of feeding, and only feeds once she has got so hysterical that she is nodding off from exhaustion and I can get a bottle in then.
We have tried every teat and every bottle.

She has No time awake that she isnt crying, badly. Doctors are not now convinced that it is reflux because the medication is not working at all.
She is on Nytiserol for oral thrush at the mo which is making things worse.

duende Fri 13-Nov-09 09:22:13

FFM, what I suggested on your other thread - lactose intolerance or cow milk protein intolerance maybe?

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