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3 yr old licking lips till sore

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pranma Wed 11-Nov-09 22:00:22

My dgs started this a few weeks ago he has also begun to put his toys in his mouth and has been seen to lick the wall,his baby brother and the cat.This is a bright,happy,articulate child with no apparent problems.He eats well,sleeps well and loves his 2 mornings at preschool.My dd doesnt know whether to be worried or irritated-any advice please and how would you stop it?

luciemule Wed 11-Nov-09 22:31:59

Has your dd said to him not to lick his lips? If yes, perhaps that's why he's licking everything; because she's told him not to.
To start with, I would wait until he's asleep and then smear petroleum jelly on his lips to help them heal before morning. It might work and stop him licking them as they'll be more comfortable.
Children licking lips is a common thing but I don't know whether it signifies anything more serious.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Wed 11-Nov-09 22:50:01

Maybe he's always conscious of his lips cos they hurt? Have you tried lipsalve and seeing if it gets better?

pranma Thu 12-Nov-09 19:13:01

She syarted with Vaseline then moved on to something called pawpaw gel whih seems to soothe-to be honest its less the lips than licking everything else.She does say 'dont lick,you'll make your mouth sore' but he's 3.......

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