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sharing bed with 4 yr old

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ghoshy Wed 11-Nov-09 15:09:49

can any one help! my 4 year old is always climbing into our bed in the night,we wake up to put her back in her own bed but she just gets back in.she never has a peaceful night or should i say we dont as she seems to shout out alot in her sleep.
sometimes it seems to be about things or people she has seen that day other times its just alot of shouting and crying out no!
she only settles when she is in the bed with us but this is getting very frustratingangry
does any one have any suggestions....

Poohbearsmom Wed 11-Nov-09 16:20:20

Could u possibly move her bed into yer room for a while placing it next to your own bed, let her and ye sleep peacefully then gradually move her bed away, praising her for sleeping so well and what a big girl she is being (her sleep time confidence will sky rocket n no time having ye so close) then aim towards moving her back into her own bedroom with a visit from the 'bedtime fairy' with perhaps a little present of new big girl p.j's... My did this and it worked a treat it took about 2 months for them but there were no tears and everyone slept well during the process and they hav never gone back except for the occasional morning cuddle good luck

ghoshy Thu 12-Nov-09 09:16:07

thanks for advice going to give it a the idea of the bedtime fairy

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