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DD crying and being very sensitive at playgroup.

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mrswill Wed 11-Nov-09 14:12:10

DD is now 15 months, and although she has been to playgroup before, its not been for a few months.

Bit of background - She is a PFB, and i supposed ive molly coddled her a bit, and she is a bit sensitive all round. She is an only child at the mo, and is used to having peace and quiet, and isnt used to sharing her toys.
Ive taken her to play group the last few weeks, and its been a nightmare, screaming, crying, flinching when other children make a noise, and becoming inconsolable when other children take toys off her. She does tend to whinge in the house, or whenever she cant have her own way, but i can usually distract her. In playgroup however, i cant do this, and she seems to dislike being around other children, and i feel as though the other mums are looking at me thinking what the hell is wrong with her. When she was younger, she seemed to love being around noise and kids etc, and has suddenly changed. Her behaviour around her cousins, who are all the same sort of age has also changed, and is similar to what shes like in playgroup.
Am not really sure how to handle this, i dont know whether to take her back to playgroup and just ignore her when she starts up, or sit her on my lap for the entire time (kind of defeats the object). Im worried how she will deal with a pre school type of situation, as she will be starting creche in a few months time when she is 2, and i wont be there. My sisters say to have another baby straight away, so she becomes used to noise and being around other children continously. Within my family shes getting a reputation as being a difficult baby, and im finding it very upsetting.

Am not really sure of what im asking, but would love to hear from more experienced mothers on what i should do to handle her behaviour, or is it just normal for this age, and is just a phase?? smile

MrsGravy Wed 11-Nov-09 16:07:39

Well I definitely wouldn't listen to your sisters!!! You can't just have a baby in the hope it'll sort out the problems you have with your existing child - that's madness!

I would continue with the playgroup but do whatever it takes to make her feel more comfortable in that environment - including letting her sit on your lap if that's what it takes. Once she feels secure there she may well feel confident enough to move away from you a little. I'd do the same around her cousins.

I wouldn't even think about pre-school and creche yet, (unless you have to return to work??) there's no law that says she has to start when she 2, if she's not ready at that age you can just delay it until she is ready.

And ignore your family! They don't sound remotely helpful. You sound like you're beating yourself up about it, lots of kids are only children at that age, most PFB are mollycoddled to a degree, not many children below the age of 3 can handle sharing. You've done nothing wrong, and neither has your daughter, she's just a baby.

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