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13 month being bitten at nursery

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HerHonesty Tue 10-Nov-09 21:05:33

my dd keeps getting bitten by a boy about the same age nursery are clearly tearing their hair out and trying to keep them seperate, and its only happened twice but yesterday the little boy bit her on the face and punctured the skin - not massively, just little specs.

i am (relatively) relaxed about it, as I know this sort of stuff does happen, and disciplining 1 year olds is pretty tough. BUT i am worried about the psychological damage it might do to her - could she become scared of other children, nursery, etc. she shows absolutely no signs of either scenarios but does anyone think this is a real risk?

sorry just venting really. any advice anyone, will it just be a passing phase for both of them?

twolittlekings Tue 10-Nov-09 21:12:22


I had the same problem with my DS when he was about 2 and he was bitten by the same boy for about 6 months - all in all he had about 5 bites from this child and whilst it was highly irritating and actually annoying in so far if the skin is broken and blood drawn you really need to get them on antibiotics, it is fairly common.

DS1 is not psychologically affected by it in anyway (he is 4.5) I was more traumatised than he was.

In the end I got so fed up with it (the last straw was when he got bitten on the face just before Xmas) that I demanded the child who was doing it (I knew who it was because DS told me even though the nursery would not) be moved to another room. It was highly embarrassing because I knew the mum to chat to and she was really nice and she was moaning one day that they had had to move her DS because some parent had complained and she was not happy about it. I just kept my mouth shut of course but needless to say DS was never bitten again - bliss!!!!

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