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DS going backwards in nursery

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skinsl Tue 10-Nov-09 19:17:12

Posted in Nurseries too.

Shall I ask again for him to go into the next class up?
Picked DS up this evening from nursery and they had changed his clothes as made a bit of a mess at dinnertime. It was soup! I just made a comment that he seems to not want to use his spoon/fork of late and the teacher told me " that's probably because most of the other children are much younger"

He was supposed to go up into next class in Sept, but when I spoke to manager a couple of months ago, she said they are trying to change the age groups in the classes. I think she was saying they are staying in that class until 2 1/2. He is now the oldest in the class, just turned 2
I just don't want him to be disadvantaged. i would rather he learnt from the older kids rather than the younger kids
Am I being silly?

EachPeachPearMum Tue 10-Nov-09 19:30:34

No, you aren't being silly... I think my dd didn't have as good a time as she could have the last few months of her nursery tbh- for the same reason- she was older than the rest, and she found playing with the younger ones hard because they didn't understand her games, and weren't able to sit down and concentrate the way she was so often ran/crawled through what she was doing.

It wasn't too much of an issue for us because physically she is behind, and being with younger ones was more comfortable as she could keep up with them, and mentally/emotionally she had a lot of input from us as she was only in nursery for short days (10-3.30 usually). Having said that we didn't let it go on too long, and moved her to a nursery school early (though we delayed that slightly due to the arrival of DS).

The change in her developmentally since she changed nurseries has been dramatic- she has grown physically a lot too though so it could be coincidental.

She was unlucky at her first nursery because there had been a baby boom where we live, and there were huge numbers of babies born in the 4 months before her, meaning she could never move up as there wasn't space. We had a hard enough job getting a nursery place as it was! The nursery school we moved her to is in a different area, so there wasn't as much pressure on places.

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