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Young boys erection

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longhardlookinthemirror Tue 10-Nov-09 10:02:24

I know boys get have erections from when they are babies and my ds is no exception. He is 5 and has always had them at random from birth, I realise this is all natural.
But last night while I was getting my dd settled into bed, there was a music video on the tv where 2 people were kissing and maybe being a bit provocative as they often are (I didn't see it as I was upstairs).
Anyway ds says to dh...'turn it off, I don't like's making my willy go up and it won't go down. It feels strange and I don't like it.' He was also turning his head into the sofa so he coundn't see and getting a bit upset.
DH turned it off and told him not to worry and that it was normal for boys.

Really what I want to know is is it normal for it to happen while seeing something like that at the age of 5. He obviously wasn't liking the feeling but yet it was triggerd by the people kissing. Is it not ment to be more random at this age? Should I be worried?

FreeTheGuidoOne Tue 10-Nov-09 10:04:29

It's normal. It's very new and confusing to him. I should imagine he was overwhelmed. Your dh did exactly the right thing, reassuring him that it's normal and responding to his requests to turn it off.

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