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DD waking in the night HELP!!!

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Nicolaplus1 Tue 10-Nov-09 08:59:02

My dd is 11 month old and for the past week has been waking every night at either 12.30 or 2am.
She cries until you pick her up and nurse her when she immediately goes back to sleep until i try to put her back down when she stiffens up and clings on for dear life.
This will go on for an hour or so until she finally gives in.
I have been giving her bedtime milk in the hope this helps but so far not so good.

She goes down at night without a peep.
Feel like i am going backwards getting up in the night again.

Any advice would be much apreciated.
Thanks in advance

carocaro Tue 10-Nov-09 09:09:34

Have you tried the Baby Whisperer thing of placing you habd on her chest and 'sshhhing' until she calms down. It's a while since I read the book and I think there is a website, but it worked for DS1 when he used to wake about 10-12 months. Might be worth a look, if you are not too tired.

Also don't think of it as 'going backwards' they go through so many phases when they are so little eg: when they are ill, having a growth spurt etc, you just have to ride it out and try and catch up on your sleep.

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