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How to deal with DD (5) getting up in the night

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Comfortableshoes Tue 10-Nov-09 07:18:48

Up until recently DD (5)has slept very well:straight through the night. In the last couple of weeks she's started waking up at 3am - coming and waking me up to tell me she's feeling nervous of the dark. (She has a bedside light left ON, and bathroom night on) When she wakes up I take her to the toilet and put her back to bed and she looks at books until she goes back to sleep.

BUT - how to deal with this - I'm SHATTERED!! It usually takes me an hour to get back to sleep. I had thought of not allowing her to go to any after school activities (treats) on the basis of why should she be rewarded for her behaviour when I'm knackered.

All ideas welcome..

sybilfaulty Tue 10-Nov-09 07:33:08

Watching with interest as we have exactly the same thing here - DD is nearly 5 and wants to get in with us most nights. I am exhausted and slightly at the end of my tether as nothing seems to be working.

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