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Very anxious dd- help!

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brutusbaldwin Mon 09-Nov-09 18:32:30

Hi there. Was desperate for some advice on how to handle my DD9. She is an intelligent sensitive little girl. Briefly- she fainted about five weeks ago. Took her to the doctors and they said she was fine, just a one off. She has not fainted before this incident or since. I am happy that she is healthy. However-----this seems to have kicked off panic attacks. She has had them everyday at school now. At first they were huge- proper heart racing, pale, sweaty, feeling dizzy etc. It has disruppted her school work and has made her a bt of a problem child in the classroom. She hates going to school in case of a attack. This also happens at other times- for example sleepovers, parties, out shopping. It is random.

She seems to think that there s something wrong with her. Last night she told me she was sure she had cancer (this is at 2am). She twitches when an attack is coming on. Her hands and feet go numb and tingle.

The doctors have told her there is nothing wrong with her- but she is sure there is. I have to check that her heart is beating foor her etc.

It is basically ruining her life at the moment, not to mention being very stressful for the rest of the family. Her friends are running out of atience with her.

She went to see a nlp counsellor on friday which i thought had helped. She was very positive but then had another attack on Sat.

ny ideas anyone I would be very grateful. x

kcartyparty Mon 09-Nov-09 23:03:26

Get as much therapeutic help that you can. Your Dd is having panic attacks because she fears the worse.

She just needs to spend time sitting with someone and discussing her fears.

Try to help her focus on all the positive things in her life now and in the future.

Am sure she will get over this in time.

Best of luck

Comfortableshoes Tue 10-Nov-09 07:12:58

Your poor DD - how stressful for her. You are wonderful in that you're taking it so seriously. (I suffered something similar when I was about 13 and was told by GP it was just growing up! angry
Are you continuing with the counselling?
Would relaxation techniques help... perhaps a cd from Relax kids would help... Google them.
Are children allowed to use Bach Rescue Remedy?

Good luck

brutusbaldwin Tue 10-Nov-09 21:45:29

Thank you for your replies. Yes she is seeing someone so hopfully they will talk her through this!

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