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14 month old - aversion to cot/sleep...advice or reassurance welcome

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lionsandtigersandbears Mon 09-Nov-09 13:56:50

DS, 14months has gone from being a really good sleeper who sung in his cot and played with comforter until he fell asleep to crying if he knows its nap/bed time and waking between 1 and 3am and screaming. Its been especially hard as me and dh have both been quite poorly and the recovery has been hard with wakeful nights and a distressed baby! Several things have coincided with this new pattern - he has cut 2 molars which we put the initial waking down to and dealt with with cuddles/milk/calopl etc,but quickly I think its become a happy habit for him so now we're giving him a drop of water and just saying night night, problem is he gets up and stands at the rail of his cot howling and wont lie down again so we're in and out like yo-yos until he relents. He is only on 1 sleep a day now and I've even wondered if his change to a thicker sleeping bag has upset him as he now cries even when he sees this! He has also very recently started being very clingy to me (totally normal I know but my job sends me away a lot so I need him to feel as secure as possible, and I havent been away for over a month now.)Plus he is starting to be very tantrum-y which again I know is normal but evry hard and I'm wondering if this is contributing to the night can I make bed a happy place agin and does anyone have any tips to help him settle again in the night....thanks

Squarah Mon 09-Nov-09 14:38:46

This happened to my DS (15mo) last month after going on holiday and it did also coincide with teething and yet another cold. He would scream whenever put down in his cot which is incredibly out of character. We found that we think it was a form of separation anxiety or fear of the dark not sure which. It improved if we put him down with the door open and then went around making little noises so he knew he wasn't alone. Eventually he went to sleep and we shut the door.

This lasted a couple of weeks but is much better again now. HTH and good luck!

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