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6 month old not acting like himself - teething or vaccination?

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margaretblume Mon 09-Nov-09 01:57:43

Hi All, I'm a first time mom so I may be a bit overworried. But my 6 month old doesn't seem like himself. He's been incredibly fussy during the day (really cranky and having crying fits) and doesn't smile or laugh as much as he used to. He's usually very easy to make smile or laugh and lately he just seems very discontent. I mean he still smiles and laughs but it just takes a lot more for him to do so. It also seems to take a lot more effort for me to get his attention (eye contact) lately or get a reaction out of him. He also does this thing where he throws his head back when I'm rocking him to sleep (kind of like when you fall asleep sitting up and your head bobbles).

He is getting his first 2 teeth right now (could this be it?) They have sprouted and you can see the tops of them now) and I read that babies can be fussy when teething.

The other thing I'm worried about is I really did not notice it until a day or two after he received his HIB and DTAP shots. (he's on an alternative vaccination schedule and I'm staggering his shots). I have a 5 year cousin who is autistic so I'm just trying to be on the cautious side. I'm only worried about this because it seems to take more for me to get his attention and because he's not a happy as normally is.

Does anyone have any ideas? I don't have any other peers who have babies so I unfortunately do not have any other baby to compare him to and I just need some reassurance if this is something I should be worried about or push the issue in my next doctor's visit.

stuffitllllama Mon 09-Nov-09 05:19:48

If you think about what your baby has been through, he is in effect "ill" for a little bit so this could be your baby being poorly in reaction, with some pain and discomfort, and he will get over it, as he would get over an illness. I hope so and I do think it's likely.

I'm nervous for you, but don't have much advice. I would say, yes, it could be the vaccination. I would write all of it down, everything, and go to see the doctor straight away. You will be told this is all normal. But you need to keep notes and records and maybe fill in a yellow card.

Also I would watch like a hawk but I don't like vaccinations and I don't believe the official statistics about the rarity of serious adverse reactions. So take my comment in that light. You'll get many more I'm sure saying it's normal and not to worry.

Hope he's himself again soon. You are not overworried.

How long has it been going it
If you think about what your baby has been through, he is in effect "ill" for a little bit so this could be your baby being poorly in reaction and he will get over it, as he would get over an illness. I hope so and I do think it's likely.

stuffitllllama Mon 09-Nov-09 05:20:31

what? sorry about that.

How long has it been going on, I meant to say.

margaretblume Mon 09-Nov-09 12:12:07

Hi, thanks for your response. He received his shots on Tuesday of last week and I noticed acting different a around the end of last week (maybe Thursday or Friday).

That's exactly my thought. I'm afraid I'll go to the doctor's office and have them write me off as the overly worried mother and just tell me it's normal and give him some tylenol for pain.

I'm definitely keeping a close eye on him and watching his every movement and reaction right now and looking at old videos and comparing how was then and now.

I hope you're right and he is just ill from teething and will get over it soon.

It's just giving me so much anxiety that I don't really know what's going on.

margaretblume Mon 09-Nov-09 12:13:42

Have any of your children been vaccinated? I'm thinking I might just stop his vaccination all together if I don't see any improvements soon

stuffitllllama Mon 09-Nov-09 12:52:16

Yes, mine had dtp but only one dc on the normal schedule, the others were delayed.

Obviously being biased I would say that sounds quite a sensible thing but that choice is so personal and so difficult that it's one you have to make alone.

I think if you go to the doc. you need to expect nothing at all in the way of help. But make sure it's written in the notes, and at least you have recorded it.

I hope he's a little better? Paracetamol is supposed to inhibit the protective effect of vaccines so if you want it to at least be worthwhile they say don't give it, or give less. There was a study published a couple of days ago.

margaretblume Mon 09-Nov-09 13:08:51

I haven't given him any pain medications yet. He has reflux so he's already on Zantac and I just don't want to overmedicate him.

yeah I think I'm going to wait until the end of this week and see if I see any changes. That should be enough time for him to get better if he is just feeling sick from teething or anything else, right?

Part of me thinks I'm being overly analytical of him. He still follows me around with his eyes. He is starting to get separation and stranger anxiety. But he doesn't really respond (looking up at me or in my direction) when I call him, which I know is an early sign (he did this even before the shots, but then I think maybe he's still too young for this skill, did your kids respond to your calling at this age?). That coupled with his recent behavioral changes just makes me worried.

If I don't see any change, then I'll definitely bring him to the doctor. I agree I think I'm going to hit a wall when I bring him to the doctor and already thinking of the next step if that happens. i live in the states and there's an early intervention program that school districts run for early diagnosis of ASD at risk kids. So that may be where I'm headed (hopefully and praying not though)

stuffitllllama Thu 12-Nov-09 07:08:38

Margaret, how is he? Did you go to the doctor?

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