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Childminder about to start work

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mum2oliver Fri 17-Jun-05 19:36:40

Im about to start having two children form Thursday.Girl-3 in Aug and boy 10 months. Girl is not at all potty trained,she says when she wants a poo and goes on a normal toilet,but still wears a nappy and wees in it.In the last week she hasnt said when she wants a poo so has done it in her nappy so her daddy has told her off.It seems her parents dont really know that they have to train her and that she doesnt train herself.I feel uncomfortable about approaching the subject with the parents as I have a 15 month ds and have never potty trained a child.I only have lots of advice from friends and a book.
I dont want to come on too strong and look like Im taking over.
Should she be half way to being trained or a little at least? Any comments on how to toilet train and what to do?

nell12 Fri 17-Jun-05 20:18:48

She will be ready when she is ready, there is no timescale on these things. I would be positive with her and show her where the toilet and potty are as soon as she arrives in the house. Don't push her, and if she does use the toilet or potty pile on the praise(stickers?) and pass the news on to Mum and Dad. Perhaps if you make the toilet really interesting (sparkly seat, bright pictures etc.) she will want to go in there and things will begin to resolve themselves.
Discuss the situation with her parents. If you were to say that you would be willing to give potty training a go, they would probably have no objections. Try to bear in mind that during the first few weeks whilst she is getting used to you, your house and your routines she is bound to have more than her fair share of accidents (both with you and at home... change does that to them) perhaps if you warn her Mum and Dad of that in advance they will be prepared and will not come down too hard on her.
Good luck and enjoy having a houseful!

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