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My 5 year old has no volume control!

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nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 08-Nov-09 16:48:48

When he's happy he's loud!
When he's sad he's loud!
When he's cross he's loud!
When he's excited he's loud!
When he's bored he's loud!

How do I turn the volume down?

btw. hearing is fine.

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 08-Nov-09 16:53:52

At the moment he's blowing bubbles and laughing like Barbara Windsor in a carry on film.


Scottie22 Sun 08-Nov-09 20:29:59

...and I thought it was just my ds!! LOL

Today he shouted 'Daddy, come and tickle my bum' at top volume in the swimming pool blush

I wish he had come with a volume switch too!!

TheRedQueen Sun 08-Nov-09 20:43:44

Am very much looking forward to the suggestions on this thread. My DD (aged four) is exactly the same and I dearly wish I could turn her down.

PerArduaAdNauseum Sun 08-Nov-09 20:46:09

Sometimes whispering at them works. But I usually end up getting just as shouty blush

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 08-Nov-09 21:01:01

I've had the flu. I just couldn't be in the same room as him today. The noise is unbearable.

The noise begins when he leaps out of bed in the morning at 6.30am. Even his footsteps are loud. Then he announces that he wants breakfast. He has to be ushered in the kitchen jabbering the whole way so as not to wake up the whole house.

I find myself shouting so I can be heard over him.

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 08-Nov-09 21:01:31

Please somebody come and tell me their child grew out of it by the age of 6.

PerArduaAdNauseum Sun 08-Nov-09 21:03:13

DS is 6 in January.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


PerArduaAdNauseum Sun 08-Nov-09 21:03:51

And sometimes I have to physically pull his face towards me so he notices I'm talkign to him.

<more sobs>

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 08-Nov-09 21:23:34

Have to say he exhausts himself and we have no trouble getting him to bed. He's a goner by 7.30, and we don't hear a peep until the stamping footsteps charging into our room at 6.30am.

MyCatIsABiggerBastardThanYours Sun 08-Nov-09 21:31:21

My DD (4) the same. She comes in at 7am and bellows 'MORNING' into DH's ear and then gets upset when we yell in shock and horror at such rude awakening.

Then its full volume through the day til she goes to bed at 7:30. When she's hurt herself and is crying its hard to comfort her cause it is so loud, like an air raid siren in your ear.

If I knew where the volume switch was I would gladly tell you. We have found that asking her to repeat things a bit quieter helps in that she gets the message as to what we mean, but then its pretty much back to full volume 10 mins later.

liahgen Sun 08-Nov-09 21:32:13

my 6 yr ds has 2 volumes..

asleep or

loud bless em.

Tortoise Sun 08-Nov-09 21:34:03

My 12 yr old DS STILL has no volume control! He talks loud even when right next to me.

strig Sun 08-Nov-09 21:37:20

My DS who is 2 always seems to have the volume on full - will he just get louder as the years go by?

I and DH did laugh at the "tickle my bum".

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 08-Nov-09 21:39:45

asleep or loud is exactly it.

you are all making me laugh, but it is excruciating to be with him.

even jigsaws involve shouting.

princessmel Sun 08-Nov-09 21:41:23

Ds is 7 in Jan and so so loud!!!!!!!!!!!

Dd is 4 and equally loud.

Our whole family is loud tbh, they are going to be like this forever!!

CarGirl Sun 08-Nov-09 21:42:55

Dd is like this, is now 6, no better and only sleeps 8.30 until 6.30 <<sobs>>

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 08-Nov-09 21:49:18

Will Ferrell used to do a sketch on saturday night live as a newsreader who couldn't control the volume of his voice.

i can't find it on youtube to show you, but DS1 is exactly like that.

troves Mon 09-Nov-09 09:57:15

My son loves to shout out when questions times at school.So the teacher use reward system to control him.Also tell him what his target is i.e refrain from shouting out.He came home and told me abt it,thats make him mentally aware of it.I tends to countdown when his volume is high,that helps.Or i have an eye contact with him while my finger place on my close lip in silent that help too.He was 4 than.Now he has different pitch and volume for different speech occasion.Apart from when he threw tantrum it seems the whole world fall apart on him!

nevergoogledragonbutter Mon 09-Nov-09 12:17:54

Good advice troves. will give it a try. we have a parents evening next week so will ask the teacher if she finds the same problem.

nevergoogledragonbutter Wed 11-Nov-09 00:23:29

forgot to mention my only working strategy - lollipops!

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