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Tantrums - need help any advise?

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troves Sun 08-Nov-09 00:17:40

Hi I have a son who is 6,i am concern about his tantrum,unsure is it normal?He get upset by throwing tantrums i.e crying and shove things away when he hear he isnt a winner,when he plays game he always want to be a winner,even though he lost.This often happen when he plays games with friends,or at birthday party,or running race after school with a friend at home.I am exhausted in dealing with it,ran out of ideas and solution.I am so worry if this kind of behaviour continue when he grow older wander what he will turn into.Please advise.

kitkatqueen Sun 08-Nov-09 01:37:27

Troves, the best suggestion I have is to play lots of games with him yourself, sometimes he will win and sometimes he will lose, but he will gradually learn to be a good loser. If you play simple games with him like noughts and crosses ( also called tik tak toe) its a very short game and there is less build up and therefore less disapointment if her loses.

Its something all children need to learn, so don't stress...

claraquack Sun 08-Nov-09 01:42:24

My oldest brother was always like this and he turned into a successful lawyer so I wouldn't worry too much! I do sympathise though as tantrums are very tiring.

Danthe4th Sun 08-Nov-09 20:13:47

Sounds like my nephews they have got to be the worst losers ever, the board would get thrown across the room, their dad was so terrified of them losing he used to fix it so they won, don't make that mistake!
My own kids aren't so bad but its a lesson they just have to learn, some children are just more competitive than others. Just try to get him to focus on being pleased for the winner whoever that is and thats with everything, get him to enjoy other childrens achievements and he'll get it eventually.

troves Mon 09-Nov-09 09:48:38

Thank you for all your advise,yes need not to make same mistakes give way to let him win,even his school friend who is also 6 but older than him pretend to lose the running to please him for winning,that will have to put a halt.Playing short game is good idea,I guess takes time for him to change.The worst thing for me is when that happen in the party or publicly,i didnt know how to react apart from being embarass and keep apologising to other mothers who witness his tantrum after playing a game he lost/lose at the party.Is encouraging to know your brother grew up became a lawyer inspite he had similar tantrum.My son is a very bright child,he is listed in gifted and talented,but only his tantrum that scares me.He isnt aggressive or violent but when he lost than create a tantrum.Glad am registered mumsnet.At least am not alone!

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