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What to do about bumps on DD's face?

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Earlybird Sat 07-Nov-09 17:26:32

DD is 8.9, and though she is tall, she is not especially mature physically.

This past summer, I noticed a few bumps above her lip and around her nose, and thought perhaps they were related to heat and sweat. The spots are still there (haven't spread to other parts of her face, and are only on the right side). They aren't (and have never been) red, but are raised.

Any ideas what could be causing them, and what to do about them?

fortyplus Sat 07-Nov-09 17:28:51

molloscum is common - though not usually as angry looking as some of the pics here!

Earlybird Sat 07-Nov-09 17:33:52

Hmm - she has had a few molluscum around her knees (front and back) but not many. Is it possible they could have spread to this one small area of her face? Wouldn't they be red and sore looking?

I am half wondering if the bumps are some early signs of puberty....but also would expect those to be red, tender and not confined to one small area of her face.

Fwiw, the spots are only noticeable in bright/direct light (or sunlight), so are not an immediate focal point in her appearance.

fortyplus Sat 07-Nov-09 19:13:43

First signs of puberty for a girl are 'nipple buds' - not spots!

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