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Irrational obsessive fears in 8 yr old DS

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Solo2 Thu 05-Nov-09 18:39:03

Is it 'normal' for an 8 yr old to develop an irrational fear of tornadoes, when he knows perfectly well that there is no danger here in the UK? During a week when he was ill with a virus, his fears excalated to the point of him saying every few minutes, "There's a tornado!!" in a worried voice, as he looked out of the window.

I've done everything to help - rationalising his fears away, finding out with him, more about facts about tornadoes and lack of concern in the UK, reassuring him, getting irritated with him, giving him things he can say and do to distract or reassure himself....

But he's still worried and it's kind of obsessional.

What I want to know is, is this within the normal range of irrational childhood fears and typical of this age group - or is he showing signs of something outside the normal range - ie obsessional anxiety - that he might have in adult life?

Anyone have children who went through a phase like this and grew out of it?

FernieB Thu 05-Nov-09 19:27:17

Yes. DD went through similar thing at same age (not tornadoes, but various other irrational worries). Now, one year later is fine. Nephew also went through similar thing at that age. I think it is when they start understanding the news and are reading a lot more on their own. They start to realise that the world is not the safe, happy place it is on Cbeebies! Shame, I always thought Andy Pandy's village looked quite nice.

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