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DS (8) might have Aspergers

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JoeyBettany Thu 05-Nov-09 18:38:52

I've just come back from a parent's evening and DS' teacher suspects he may be on the autistic spectrum/have aspergers syndrome as he has problems focussing in class, fixates on certain interests to the point of obsession and has very poor handwriting. He gets on very well with his peers though and is very aware of others' emotions.

He's going to have an IEP soon ,which will concentrate on him finishing tasks on time.
He is such a lovely boy, eager to please and very polite, I'm really worried that he may suffer from being labelled.

How worried should I be? Has anyone else experienced a similar situation

mumblechum Thu 05-Nov-09 18:59:08

Sorry no experience but bump.

You may get more responses in Special Needs.

shockers Thu 05-Nov-09 19:03:19

How old is he?

shockers Thu 05-Nov-09 19:04:00

Sorry... just noticed his age in the thread title blush

my dd1 is on AS, and she rubs along fine most days. becomes obbessive about certain things, hate changes in routine and has a major breakdown if she does any mistakes. She has 1 friend at school whom she plays with but never mentions her at home really. She quite happy to play on her own but we do have to make sure that nothing becomes an obbessive object to the point she cant manage.
You know your son better than anyone, you know how he works already and do you think anything is wrong? I knew from early on DD1 wasnt quite the same as other children. Doesnt really become an issue too often and if you dont want a label dont take him. Labels do help other people to deal with it, dont know what difference it would make to you or him.

pagwatch Thu 05-Nov-09 19:08:39

you have to decide whether you fear the label for logical or emotional reasons. Anmd whether the risk of a label is ofset by others being more able to help and understand him as well as his being able to understand any difference he feels personally.

all of which is stuff that only you know really.

Have you gone to the SN section. Lots of people with children with asd and AS. And even more helpfully adults with AS too. You know there are MNers with AS I am sure.

JoeyBettany Thu 05-Nov-09 19:19:02

Thanks, everybody, I'm going to post in SN now, I thought there was a SN section but posted in a hurry and couldn't find it! [duh ! emoticon]

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