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Twin toddlers and messiness

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Abubu Thu 05-Nov-09 15:58:25


I'm sure this is a common problem and normal toddler behaviour but it is starting to get me down.

I have twin girls who will be 2 and a half in December.

Every day I have to battle with barely being able to walk over the living room floor as the first thing they do is throw as many toys around the room as possible (infact not just toys, anything they can get their hands on). I clear them up about 5 times a day when I am at home with them but it is like fighting a losing battle.

Half the time they don't even play with them, they just throw them around.

Our house isn't particularly big so if I try to store them away I will struggle as we just don't have the room.

If I ask them, they will help me pack things back into the toy box but they think it's a game and 2 seconds later have thrown it around again. I can't keep up with them and they egg each other on to do it the minute I leave them for a few minutes just to go to the loo, kitchen or whatever.

Occasionally I donate toys they never play with to charity but want to keep a lot because I am pregnant again and think it will be a waste of money to get rid of them now.

I feel really pathetic posting this as it sounds like I can't control my children but I'm at my wits end. blush


neenz Thu 05-Nov-09 16:01:06

Could you ignore it until they are in bed and then tidy up, so you only do it once a day?

My DTs are 18mo and this is what I do.

What about rewards for cleaning up or being tidy, or make tidying into a game?

It's probably best if you just ignore it! They might even stop doing it so much if they realise it isn't bothering you.

Abubu Thu 05-Nov-09 16:04:48


I used to ignore it and just clear it up in the evening but when it gets to the point where we all literally risk tripping over the stuff I just can't stand it any more!

I watch them tiptoeing through stuff because there is so little floor space and can't understand what my friends with tidy toddlers are doing that I'm not.

neenz Thu 05-Nov-09 16:42:20

I have a separate play area cordoned off in the kitchen where all their toys are. The general mess stays there so the rest of the downstairs is quite normal.

Do you have a spare room/area which can be their play area. Your dining room if you have one?

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