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appropriate sanctions for a v spirited 3.3 ds aggressive behaviour

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sloppysoupdragon Thu 05-Nov-09 14:10:14

Hi. my DS is a very intelligent boy, very tall for his age and can pass for a 5 year old in the playground and can have an adult conversation with neighbours and grown up friends and is very physically capable and in many years to old for his young body and brain -his behaviour is still very immature and is prone to angry outbursts and has apparently little self control. When he is aggressive and hits out at people he is immediately removed and asked to apologise and then ignored while the victim is comforted and the current sanction is no tv / computer games for the rest of the day. When he is cross he has taken to throwing things - preferably things he knows we will miss if broken. I am trying to encourage him to jump up and down / throw cussions at the sofa to defuse his temper. On one recent occasion he appeared to be copying some of the material he has seen on CBBC from horrible histories which was on in hte background at a recent playdate ( the older children had been watching it ) and I quickly removed him but he immediately started ' deading' some of his playmates ) I find his behaviour alarming. What does anyone else think? Do I keep doing the same strategy in the hope it will change his behaviour? I have been doing this for some weeks now and nothing seems to be working as yet...

motherof2boys Fri 06-Nov-09 10:53:15

bumping 4 u really.

i had a similar time with my now 7 year old ds, although we didn't really copy the TV etc. He is a cracking boy now. Really great.

3 yrs IMO is very small for computer games and CBBC. I'm not sure small boys are good with too much screen time. Have U tried doing more robust outdoors entertainment? Parks etc? Swimming? I don't know where u are but can you head off on public transport somewhere interesting? Is your DS at nursery/playgroup? It sounds as though he might be bored and need more structure?

motherof2boys Fri 06-Nov-09 10:55:48

is his behaviour food related? does he get low blood sugar? or too much sugar at once? i found that observing this in relation to ds helped a lot.

sloppysoupdragon Sat 07-Nov-09 11:45:04

Hi - thanks for your posts - yes we have reduced the screen time altogether although this in fits and starts with sometime very little indeed. He goes to play-group 5 days a week and really likes it and has lots of contact with other children. However they are much quieter in temperament and I feel he needs more contact with other more active children too. we go to the park alot and he loves digging outside so we encourage that, but when he is tired he is very aggressive and at the first sign we have to remove him from the setting or things deteriorate fast. He is also much better on a full stomach and high protein and low GH foods are great at stabilising his mood, so this is also good. I am considering enrolling him for a martial arts course of some desciption but on an overly aggressive one - I have heard good things about jujitsu - what do you think?

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