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Please tell me my nearly 6 isn't the only one exhibiting some challenging behaviour

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MavisEnderby Wed 04-Nov-09 21:41:14

In the last few weeks he has become much more vociferous,shouting at us and telling us he hates us etc etc if we discipline him.

Nothing observable has changed,except starting year 1.

Is this normal for nearly 6 boys?

Should I be thinking this toO shall pass?

A straw poll amongst a few of his peer's mums indicate this is happening to them too.



kcartyparty Wed 04-Nov-09 22:51:40

It's normal. Just keep your disciplinary boundaries firm!

He is pushing too see who is the boss.

Don't give in and don't let him be the boss of you, and he will grow out of it.

You should then have a couple of decent years before he reaches the independent 10yr old stage. Then onto the teens. hmm

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