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Help my 3 year old DD has a serious case of separation anxiety

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natfrank Wed 04-Nov-09 13:26:37

Try and cut a long story short, I'm a childminder so DD has always been with me at home....I had a late miscarriage in May...was in/out of hospital 3 times over 4 weeks staying in for up to a week each time. She coped quite well dealing with not having me around, seeing me go off in an ambulance, with drips etc and the fact that I lost the baby........until now......DD is a late summer the latest.. 31st Aug so is the youngest in her classs....she started nursery in Sept and settled really well, went in no probs, loved it....then the week before half term she suddenly started freaking out on arrival at nursery and has to be prised off me screaming and sobbing but settles as soon as a go......she is fine if hubby takes her but he can't take her every day. Today it started as soon as she opened her eyes saying she doesn't like nursery and she misses me and she has to wait too long for me...

She is also like it at her ballet class which I have had to take her out of and when we go to Stay and plays....both of which are familiar to her and have never ever been a problem! She has no problem going to other family members......

I have seen this time after time childminding and am full of wisdom for mums about dealing with it but when it comes to me I am finding it so hard to deal with! To make matters worse I had a hosp appoint last week and I know DD is worried that it means she is going to wake up one morning and I wont be there (as twice I was taken into hosp during the night)

Her nursery are great and know the history and assure me that she is settled once I go but I can't deal with it at home as it makes it almost impossible for me to get her out of the house to nursery!

HELP!!!! Any suggestions?????

bigchris Wed 04-Nov-09 19:51:59

sad so sorry to hear what you have been through

I think all you can do is keep reassuring her 'mummy will be back in a minute' and go to the kitchen
then when you come back say 'I told you I'd be back'
hopefully over time she'll feel more herself again
am i right in thinking she's 3?

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