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Help!! DD keeps bashing her face on cotbed bars!!

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sparklefrog Tue 03-Nov-09 09:30:16

DD is 15 mnths and in a cot bed. She has developed this habit of standing holding onto the side of the cot, and bouncing up and down.
No problem there,
but twice now, she has smacked her face into the edge of the cotbed, the wooden rail she is holding onto I mean.

The first time she did it, there was blood everywhere sad which thankfully quickly stopped, but the bouncing hasn't.

I know she is too young to understand, so I just wondered if anyone else has ever had this problem?

I feel I cannot put her to sleep in her cotbed unless she is fast asleep already, because of the risk of her bouncing and smashing her little face into the top edge again. sad

I do have a bumper set, which I was thinking of tying over the edge, on the side she holds onto, but I'm not sure that will make much difference. (She is an enthusiastic bouncer.)

The other thing I am going to do today is lower the base of the cotbed. (It is a mamas and papa's, and it is only the base that can be adjusted, it doesn't have a drop side edge. It can only be adjusted once more, then it will be at its lowest setting)

I am hoping this will mean that the edge is above her head and therefore she cannot hurt herself anymore?

If anyone has had the same problem, or has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.


whomovedmychocolatecookie Tue 03-Nov-09 20:03:52

Drop the cot base as far as possible, then if you can get long strips of material and wrap them very tightly (and most importantly knot them so she cannot possibly undo them, round the bars.

Or turn it into a bed. I moved DS when he was 13 months because he was standing on top of the bars and doing superman impressions onto the hard floor hmm

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