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How to get DD to eat fruit?

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Arianrhod Tue 03-Nov-09 09:20:58

I'm not sure if this is a problem really, but I'd like some ideas on how to get my DD (2.10) to eat fruit at home. She eats fruit purees with no problems, but doesn't seem to like the texture of things like grapes or berries, apples she will nibble bits if you cut it up but doesn't really actually eat it, IYSWIM. She loves bananas, and will happily eat one of those, but that's it - not nectarines, peaches, pears, anything! She seems to love the idea of grapes - she sees them in the fridge and often asks for them, but when I give one to her she just pops it (whole) in her mouth, keeps it there for ages, then eventually spits it out - sooner if she actually breaks the skin. I've tried giving them to her cut up, but then she won't have them in her mouth at all, just spits them straight out.

Her nursery say she eats fruit - including grapes - when she's there, cut up into small pieces, but I've been there when it's been fruit time and I've seen she generally doesn't eat it, just moves it around as far as I can tell!

DP and I eat a variety of fruit around her, and always ask if she'd like some, but the answer is always no. We don't make a thing of it, it's always just "would you like some? No? That's ok" and go on with eating as we were.

Much the same with salad stuff too - she won't eat cucumber, tomatoes (even the little ones), lettuce, although she will happily munch on raw carrot. She eats cooked veg - but only in food, she won't have say cooked carrot batons to munch on separately.

As I say, I'm not sure it's an issue as such as I do make sure she has a good balanced diet with her meals, but I feel she's missing out. We were at a friend's house last Saturday and her DD, who is the same age as mine (and our DDs are good friends) will quite happily have an entire apple, minus the core, and just eat her way through it. I'd love for my DD to do that!!

giveloveachance Tue 03-Nov-09 09:38:18

wanted to reply as I have this problem too - so cant really offer advice, but can say you are not alone.

DD will have smoothies and cut up apple but that is it. She used to eat a variety of fruit before she hit 2 - she would happily tuck into mango, bananas, cherries (de-stoned) blueberries etc etc, but now, its a struggle to get her to even eat an apple.

same with the veg, now she will only eat baby sweetcorn.

I still offer her a variety of foods but she just refuses it.

hope some mnetters come up with fool proof ideas as I am at a loss too!

preggersplayspop Tue 03-Nov-09 09:43:03

Hello, my DS is the same. I give him smoothies and Ella's fruit purees to eat which he loves. He knows they have fruit in them so its not the taste that's the problem. I have just about managed to get him to eat banana recently (he is 2.5) but only if its in custard!

He wouldn't entertain the thought of salad..

I'm not too concerned though, he eats veg in meals (now) and gets fruit from other sources so his diet is balanced all in all. Although I'd love him to eat an apple its just not going to happen at the moment. I'm sure when he is older he will take to it more, but I'm not going to push it with him.

hophophippidtyhop Tue 03-Nov-09 11:52:44

I have the same problem, she'll eat most veg, no salad, and bananas. Sometimes dd (2.2) will have a few bites of apple, but won't eat some fruit which she used to quite happily. I try not to make anything of it like you, and hope she'll come round one day, though i am tired of having apples with one bite out of them in the fridge!
There was a day in the summer when she asked for strawberries. I was doubtful as I knew she had refused them before, however we went round to the shops, bought strawberries, all the time dd saying "mmm, strawberries! I like strawberries.", carried them home herself, gave her one which she sniffed, looked at and announced,"I had enough".
She has just started to ask for cucumber, so there's hope yet!

Tillyscoutsmum Tue 03-Nov-09 12:02:57

DD is exactly the same. Tbh, she's not very good at chewing certain things - she'll try and shove everything in at once without biting bits of. I'm not sure if its just laziness or whether she just struggles with the texture (she was quite late getting her teeth and still prefers to eat softer things now).

She'll eat purees/smoothies and bananas. She also sometimes will have strawberries (if they're chopped up) and mango but that's about it.

bondgirl77 Tue 03-Nov-09 12:39:39

My DS is exactly the same, he won't even eat bananas anymore. Fine with veg, and will eat cucumber and tomato, but no fruit - sometimes a grape or two if he is desperate, usually going round the supermarket. Must be the texture. I have got cooked down pureed apple down him accompanied by a plain vanilla bun, calling it 'apple sponge' which is one of the desserts they have at nursery and he always eats. I make a banana smoothie whizzing up a banana and milk most afternoons for his afternoon snack, but sometimes he only has a few mouthfuls, also give those smoothies. Feels like they are missing out on all this delicious fruit though! I think it must just be a toddler phase, sure they will go back to it later on. As long as they are happy, healthy and growing should be fine I think.

scottishbird23 Wed 04-Nov-09 14:47:04

My DS (3) is exactly the same....he ate apples till he was about 18months and now refuses all fruit. He loves fruit pouches, ELlas etc and will eat 3 in a row and knows its fruit.....I think its a texture thing but also a battle of wills too.....I've seen him at nursery at fruit time and he just plays with a bit of apple but doesn't put it near his mouth......I'm not worried as eats veg and smoothies etc and seems healthy...I'm sure our kids will all start one day....maybe when he's 18

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