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Walking on tip toes???

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WonderBundlesMommy Mon 02-Nov-09 16:16:54

DS (almost 18m) has recently started walking on his tip toes most of the time. He has been walking normally since about 13 months, never done this before. He does it on any surface, in any (or no) footwear. Is this common behaviour? Should I be concerned about the tendons in his legs or something?

paranormalghostygoat Mon 02-Nov-09 18:18:54

Hi my DD 4 has done this since she could walk and still does it quite a bit but walks properly when we ask her to. My DS 3 also does it sometimes. They both seem fine and dandy and just do it to jump around and have fun as far as I can tell.

Don't worry about it to much but just remind him to walk flat foots when you notice it if you want to

Gargula Mon 02-Nov-09 19:15:30

My son (23 months) does this - and has done since he started walking at 10 months.
He pretty much does it all the time, and though I do remind him sometimes to put his heels down, it really has precious little effect - he'll pop his heels down for one or two steps and then go back to tip-toes.
Have been referred to podiatrist (HV wasn't that bothered but I insisted) She seemed to suggest that as long as he could put his heels down then his tendons are likely to be fine and, ultimately, that there was nowt I could do about it at the moment! We're seeing her every six months at the moment.
If you're worried I would visit your HV and ask for a referral.

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