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Ever think a parent is getting at you by leaving your child out?

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Chrysanthamum Mon 02-Nov-09 14:13:19

I know kids must learn that they won't always be invited to all parties as that's part of life etc but I'm convinced that on two recent occasions my 6 yr old was deliberately left out of parties that we were definitely going to hear about, just to spite us. They were both invitations from families who used to be really overwhelmingly friendly when we first moved here and then for no reason more or less stopped saying hello! We couldn't give a fig about that and we're in the suburbs and determined not to get wound up about petty stuff but I suspect that this is why there was no invitation. Our dc isn't bothered now but did wonder at the time why he was the only one left out.
Anyone else had that impression ever or am I just a bit twisted?

MintyCane Mon 02-Nov-09 14:30:55

Any idea why they would do that ? Sounds awful.

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