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fastidious eating driving me bonkers!

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dreamylady Mon 02-Nov-09 13:47:47

I nearly posted in AIBU cos i think i kind of am - our DD has a habit of wiping her mouth (usually on her sleeve) between every mouthful. She prefers to have a 'napkin' (piece of kitchen roll in our house!)when eating and dabs her mouth constantly.

I think my irritation is partly just because i find it annoying (the 'am I unreasonable?' bit smile), but also because it seems a kind of nervous tic in a line of other mild but similar nervous tics (she goes through phases of, for eg, constantly playing with her lips, sticking fingers in her mouth, throat clearing when being read stories to, going for a wee every 20 mins) - arrrggh!

I am really un-fastidious about food so maybe I'm overreacting. But will other kids at school pick up on it and think she's odd? can i do anything to discourage it? most importantly, how can i stop myself being so wound up about it - I'm sure getting stressed about it can only make it worse!

dreamylady Mon 02-Nov-09 13:48:27

oh ps shes 4 and a half

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