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is this the norm for 21months

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poltesco Sun 01-Nov-09 20:06:30

hi my dd is 21months has a large vocab ( 200-300aprox )even though she didn't start talking till she was 18months. counts up to 10, knows all her body parts points and says, knows all 10 colours, can recongise square circle rectangle triangle hexagon star diamond. she can draw perfect circles, straight lines, apples and tries to draw spiders with one leg! she can get undressed and puts pants troussers and socks on in the right order.uses a spoon and fork haven't tried her with a knife yet uses a cup. walks up and down stairs, throws rolls and kicks a ball understands the difference between hot warm and cold big and little.plays hide and seek ( she hears someone coming and will run off to hide and stays really quite then shouts boo! there is just to much to list. it seems that she is advanced with the milestones ( i have never really taken any notice of the milestones its only since everyone keeps telling me that she is adavced for her age that i've had a look)

please don't think that i'm bragging i'd hate anyone to get the wrong idea but i'd like to get an idea if this is adavanced or pretty normal for her age as i don't think the milestones give a true idea of were most kids are!

harimosmummy Sun 01-Nov-09 20:51:35

I think some kids hit milestones early... others a little later.

My DS is 17 months now. Doesn't speak really - other than Mummy and babbling.... But can do loads ofthe other things you metion... up and down stairs, feeds himself, can undress himself and knows how to dress himself (the mind is willing even if the body is weak!! grin)
He throws, kicks and rolls balls and understands opposites - high / low, up / down, on / off.. etc.

But, I think it's just that some kids get some things earlier and others later.

Not saying your child isn't gifted, but sounds reasonably normal to me.

Eveiebaby Sun 01-Nov-09 20:51:37

Personally, I would be looking at her social and communication skills. Can she hold a conversation with you and does she socialize well with other kids. Is her pretend and imaginitive play good? If she has all of this along with the above you have stated then I would say she is well above the average 21 month old - just my opinion though!

poltesco Sun 01-Nov-09 21:08:23

harimosmummy thanks for feed back

eveiebaby dd does alot of role play doc cook being mummy etc. she plays with other children very well shares and chats to other children and leads in pretending to be mummy daddy etc. you can have a conversation with her responding and filling in the gaps with 1 or 2 word answers, never puts a word out of context!

mantaray Sun 01-Nov-09 22:12:20

She sounds a very bright little girl.
Having a very academically inclined child myself I'll just say, keep her a good all rounder, offer her as many experiences as possible and be led by her...that way you can't go too far wrong!
Enjoy, she sounds great.

poltesco Mon 02-Nov-09 08:26:28

thanks mantaray we are always led by her and make everthing a game she just leaves me speechless at times, like when she saw something that was pretty impressive we didn't say anything but dd turned to us and said its amazing!

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