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morning madness

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biggirlsdontcry Sun 01-Nov-09 18:02:24

hi just wondering if anyone has any advice please ... dd (3.10) is still coming into our bed every night , this morning she woke up at 5am ( in our bed) screaming for me to let her go into ds's room , when i said no all hell broke loose , she screamed loudly until 7am woke everyone up , & dh got annoyed & left our bed to sleep in dd's room leaving me to deal with dd . i have tried returning her to her bed without talking to her but after 22 nights of this i gave up through exhaustion as she was getting up on the hour every hour all night long sad . she suffers from atopic eczema which i think is the cause of her waking up so often . any ideas how to tackle this would be greatly appreciated . thanks

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