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routine for 9 month old DS

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lucykh Sun 01-Nov-09 14:43:27

Just being nosey and wondering what other 9 month old's routines are? I want to get him into a routine in hope that he might go through the night. At the moment he BFs alot, snacking little but often. I've been doing BLW with him. He enjoys his food but doesn't eat as much as his piers and is very active and slim.

teatank Sun 01-Nov-09 14:50:44

hi lucykh i had cut my ds milk supply down at 9 mnths to increase his appetite for solid food. i ff so am not sure how you would do that with bf. i replaced his milk with water and just gave 3 bottles of milk over 24hours. his appetite did increase and he started sleeping through

Crazycatlady Sun 01-Nov-09 14:59:30

Hi Lucy, here's our routine for 9 month old DD, hope it's helpful. All times are approximate to within 30 mins or so. DD is mix-fed now (having previously been exBF) and we're not doing BLW but she's eating pretty much what we do now:

6.30am BF
7.15am porridge, toast
9am nap 30-45mins
10.30am snack (veg sticks, pitta, hummus etc) and water
12 noon lunch (usually something like cottage pie, soup, casserole and some finger food to nibble, yoghurt etc)
1pm nap 2hrs
3pm 6oz formula
4pm water and fruit
5.30pm tea (similar to lunch)
6.45pm 7oz formula
7pm-6am sleep (sleeps all night, sometimes wakes at 5.30 if we're really unlucky!)

We also have a very active and slim baby. When she was BF she was definitely a snacker, but she did sleep through while I was still BFing. I just tried settling her back off without a feed and to my surprise it worked!

lucykh Tue 03-Nov-09 09:27:39

thanks for your responses guys.
Crazycatlady (love the name!) Your routine is a good guide as ours is quite close to that already appart from I do an extra breastfeed at around 10.30am. I used to put him down exactly two hours after waking in the morning which could be anywhere between 7.30am and 8/9am as he wakes from 5.30 (if unlucky!) till 6ish. I'm now going to try and keep him up for 2.5 hours and try and stick to 9am as naptime. then I can put him down a little later after lunch around 1pm as opposed to 12/12.30pm in the hope he'll be able to drop his afternoon 4pm nap and sleep better at night. He never usually sleeps for longer than an hour at lunch so hopefully his lunch nap will get longer as he eventually drops the morning one. (One can only hope!!) Funnily enough the night after I posted my message he slept through! But last night woke at 12pm and I left him moaning till 1am then had to feed him. I tried to comfort first but it didn't work. He must have been hungry as he had both breasts. Lets hope he sorts it out and is sleeping through soon. Thanks again! Lucy

Crazycatlady Tue 03-Nov-09 13:35:31

I'm sure things will sort themselves out Lucy, but sounds like a good plan re your routine. Took DD a little while to adjust to not having a late afternoon nap, but certainly when she dropped it her lunchtime nap got longer.

And I've found keeping the morning nap short ensures she takes longer at lunch and so can make it happily through until bedtime. All a bit trial and error but good luck and i'm sure he'll start sleeping through more often.

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