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Calling Slubber!!!!

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merlin Sat 31-Oct-09 16:45:42

I am so excited I had to start a new thread to get your attention!!!!

Have been away on half term break during which DS2 has eaten ........... (drum roll) ............... fish fingers and chicken drumsticks ..... several times!!!!

OMG - I fell off my chair in shock! Not sure what made him change his mind but after the first couple of times whenever we went anywhere to eat he kept asking did they have fish fingers or nuggets!!

Now to work on the veggie intake and we will have cracked it!!!!

merlin Sat 31-Oct-09 16:54:23

chicken NUGGETS I meant!

NormaBatesFeltcher Sat 31-Oct-09 16:59:00

Has slubber been helping you with eating problems?

Was she sympathetic?

That is nice (I am asking so as to bump for you grin

Slubberdegullion Sat 31-Oct-09 17:02:37


I can be very nice when I want to be thankyouvery much grin

merlin, this is fab, fab news. What a complete breakthrough. Well done you. I'm very chuffed for you smile

NormaBatesFeltcher Sat 31-Oct-09 17:05:52


NormaBatesFeltcher Sat 31-Oct-09 17:06:54

On a completely unrelated topic, did you know that MPs drowning thread has been moved to classics grin

NormaBatesFeltcher Sat 31-Oct-09 17:08:47

bugger that should have said <<evil grin>>

Fab news for you and your son merlin

Appologies for random comments on your thread about Good Things Happening

Slubberdegullion Sat 31-Oct-09 17:18:28

I know Norma lolol poor drippy mp

Slubberdegullion Sat 31-Oct-09 17:21:17

anyway, merlin how did you keep your cool and calm face on when he ate his first fish finger? grin

NormaBatesFeltcher Sat 31-Oct-09 17:21:20

Don't call her drippy shock

You know I typed your name in as slobber the first 2 times (in the dark with teeny tiny laptop)

Anyway - as you were

merlin Sat 31-Oct-09 17:24:31

Slubber - we were in a pub so I just let Daddy get on with it and kept sipping my rather large glass of wine grin.

I am thinking he only likes crunchy things so will now be coating all vegetables in breadcrumbs wink.

And thanks for the encouragement and ideas!!!

Slubberdegullion Sat 31-Oct-09 17:27:21

grin at wine - how often it features in may of my most succesful parenting moments.

The thanks really should go to the ladies on the thread who gave us all of the suggestions and encouragement.

Good luck with the vegetable coating. dd2 has recently fallen in love with crispy (aka slightly charred) parsnips - again my to my eternal amazement.

NormaBatesFeltcher Sat 31-Oct-09 17:40:49

Pakora [sp?] are the way forward me thinks

and more wine

Slubberdegullion Sat 31-Oct-09 17:42:50

ooh mmm pakora or bhajis or samosas

man I want an indian now

NormaBatesFeltcher Sat 31-Oct-09 18:36:02

Or tempura [sp?]

You know, I wish that firefox didn't kill all my pooters so that I could have automatic spell checking back

Slubberdegullion Sat 31-Oct-09 18:59:35

my spell check is on the wonk too.

I think tempura is right though.

om nom

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