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Quick - Would you leave DD (12) and DTs (7) while you nip to shops??

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BigMomma3 Sat 31-Oct-09 13:10:17

Need to pop to Tesco for about 30 mins. It is literally 2 minutes drive down the road. DT2 is saying he has a headache, DD has point blank refused to go out and DT1 would prefer to play on the Wii!

Have never left all of them before (DD who will be 13 next month, has been left for up to an hour while I am out by nearby). The DTs are almost 8 and do fight with DD and each other but they are currently quietly watching TV and playing on the Wii.

I know they will be fine but I have an irrational fear that the house might suddenly catch fire hmm. Tell me I won't be a terrible mother if I leave them??

BigMomma3 Sat 31-Oct-09 13:10:48

Darn it - should have posted in AIBU!!

bigchris Sat 31-Oct-09 13:11:23

If you can trust the eldest then yes go!

TanteRoseFromTheDead Sat 31-Oct-09 13:11:53

Yes, your DD is 12, she will be able to contact you if needs be. Go and do your shopping smile

BigMomma3 Sat 31-Oct-09 13:13:40

OK I will thanks! [takes a deep breath as heads for the door and prepares to rush round Tesco like lightning!]

CarGirl Sat 31-Oct-09 13:16:34

yes I would. I often leave my eldest with 1 of the others, wouldn't leave all 3 of the little ones but they are younger than your dts

leamac Sat 31-Oct-09 13:26:44

yes as long as you trust the 12 year old

BigMomma3 Sat 31-Oct-09 14:21:50

Well was gone for 40mins (blardy queues) and came back to a peaceful and intact house. Cannot believe it grin.

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