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DS (2) suddenly scared of his little mate!

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muddler Fri 30-Oct-09 15:43:23

DS met with his friend in the park today and has decided to scream whenever he came near! How odd - I had been watching them and his mate didn't do anything untoward, was maybe a bit full on (very confident little boy) but certainly didn't hurt him or anything like that.
Have noticed that ds is not as sociable as some other kids, but is generally a cheery little fella, just takes a while to warm up sometimes.
Now when I mention his friend's name he screws up face and says NO. Should i keep them away from each other for a bit until it blows over?!

giveloveachance Fri 30-Oct-09 15:52:03

oh dear. maybe meet on nuetral ground for awhile - and keep the meetings a little shorter than usual so he gets used to his friend bouncing about.

It could be rather than your Ds being not as sociable, he may just have a keen sense of personal space and is realizing how unpredictable other people can be. If his friend is full of beans it might just be a bit overwhelming. I think they get used to it.

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