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I don't recognize my girl ... she turned into ... somebody else

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joburg Thu 29-Oct-09 13:47:40

My dd 6 1/2 changed completely in the last 6 months. She used to be a brave, hard working little girl who used to smile at the doctor giving her an injection, when she was just 4 years old. She would eat happily everything while now, suddenly everything is bad. She would take the pain of having her hair braided (dd is of african origin) and even help with it. But lately she turned into such a fussy, impossible little girl. If somebody barely touches her she would start shouting she was hit, cry, complain. What can I do about it? I hope it's just a phase, but still it affects us in every little detail of every day life. It's hard to bear. Today,I had the lady who braids her hair, leave us and saying she's fed up, she can't do it. and so on and so on ....

Amandoh Thu 29-Oct-09 14:30:28

Did anything happen 6 months ago that may have upset or unsettled her? Have you asked her teachers if they have noticed a change as it could be related to something that's happening at school?

If she's crying over things that wouldn't normally bother her then it sounds like something is upsetting her. When she next cries could you give her a big cuddle and tell her that she can talk to you about anything no matter how silly she thinks it is.

I know it must be frustrating for you, especially when the hairdresser had to leave but try to keep your cool. Ask your daughter why she wouldn't let the hairdresser do her hair this time. Explain that she has to have her hair done and that if she lets the hairdresser do her hair then you'll take her out for a treat/go to a friends house to show off her lovely new hairstyle. Also, have a word with the hairdresser beforehand and see if she can find a style that doesn't take too long to do.

joburg Thu 29-Oct-09 15:35:06

Explanations? in the last 6 months we had milions. For anything and everything. It turned out that lately there is not much reasoning that would make sense. All is whinning and 'fake' more or less crying ... fusses, fighting about things, just an endless battle about almost everything. Why? Why suddenly all this?

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