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Potty training (that old chesnut!)

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legoismylife Wed 28-Oct-09 19:19:25

Help! How on earth do I potty train my DS? He is completely ready and has had a big phase of being desperate to use the potty but has now gone completely the other way.

If we are in the house he completely refuses to use the potty, throwing it across the floor if I even mention it! I take his nappy off when we are at home but he just wees on the floor or gets into a complete panic if he thinks he is going to pooh.

I have tried bribes and I never ake a big deal of him not using the potty. The only time he will use it is if he sees someone else use one. he is quite happy to sit for hours in the park trying to squeeze one out!

What do I do? He will be 3 in february.

WobblyPig Wed 28-Oct-09 20:21:21

Have you tried him on the ' big toilet'. Which type of potty do you have - we used a Thomas the Tank-engine potty chair and chocolate coins.

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