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9 month old doesn't seem to know how to drink!

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MrsMong Wed 28-Oct-09 12:47:50

So, to follow out from my fussy eating thread....

DD is just over 9 months and still doesn't seem to have worked out how to drink. She's been BF and refused a bottle consistently from about 5 weeks to 4 months, at which point I gave up trying!

Since about 5 months she's had a tommee tippy sippy cup and is happy to put it in her mouth. Sometimes it sounds like she is gulping and gulping, but the amount of water in the cup doesn't go down. In a day she drinks about 20ml! Even then, she sucks the water into her mouth and then spits it back out again, so she's probably not even getting 20ml!

Against my better judgement, I've tried baby juices but these make no difference!

I've also tried a different cup, and a doidy cup but again, no improvement. We're back on the sippy cup as I thought I should persevere with one type of cup.

She's BF 3 times a day, 7am, 3pm and 7pm and feeds well (when not distracted). I'd love to drop the 3pm feed (which she doesn't really ask for) but am worried about dehydration.

She's not a great eater either, so isn't getting a lot of liquid from food. The foods she will eat have low water content (toast, cheese etc)

Any ideas how I can help her learn to drink?

Thanks again!

MonsterousNasalPustule Wed 28-Oct-09 13:25:09

Have her sippy cup around and she will get the hang of it.

I would maybe use the sippy cup when not at the table and an open cup/doidy when at the table, try offering her a drink from yours as sometimes this sparks their interest.

As a child and adult i drink little but am ok

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