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14 month old baby girl is driving me mad, what am i doing wrong!

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leannemillis Tue 27-Oct-09 05:52:25

I am at my wits end, my daughter will not stop crying winging kicking and punching me. I dont understand why she has changed so much. She started when she learnt how to walk. If i leave the room she screams, if I say no she screams if im playing with her she will chuck her toys at the wall and scream!
For no reason she just has temper tantrums, if I go to the park I feel people are looking at me ecspecially when I try to get her into her pram. Also the last few days she will wake up at midnight and not go to sleep. For example yesterday she was out all day with my mum I picked her up and she went to bed at 7pm, she wakes up at 12 and we are still awake (its now 5.51am!).
In the day if I need to go to the toilet I leave her with her dad and she will scream till i come back downstairs I feel quite sorry for him as I know he feels very unloved by her.
What am I doing wrong?

MyCatsAScarierBastardThanYours Tue 27-Oct-09 10:37:26

Oh poor you. I think some of it sounds like separation anxiety, which does pass but can be a pain. It requires masses of reasurance and cuddles for her that you are coming back.

I don't think your doing anything wrong, just learning.

Not sure how you feel aboutg books but I found Toddler Taming had some very useful and practicle tips which you might find helpful.

FernieB Tue 27-Oct-09 10:57:05

Sounds fairly typical. You sound as though you're doing everything right. Don't worry about people looking at you, they are probably sympathising. Toddler Taming was pretty good I remember. Just keep at it and don't give in to her at all. Keep putting her back to bed at night. Persevere, it will work in the end.

WidgetWB Tue 27-Oct-09 14:38:56

Ear infection?

reikizen Tue 27-Oct-09 14:47:16

yes, she may be brewing something. Both my two are/were monsters when getting ill, until I learned this I thought they were damaged in some way! Perhaps try a bit of calpol/neurofen and if she goes back to sleep assume something was hurting? That has worked for me in the past. If not that, it may just be normal growth spurt (mentally or physically) behaviour.

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