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Milk - how much? until what age??

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fairimum Mon 26-Oct-09 15:26:44

Just wondering really how long you are generally keep giving milk in the mornings/evenings? DD currently has 5oz in the morning and 9oz at night (which if she doesn't drink most of she wakes in the night!) and most mornings has the 5oz about 5.6-6ish in her cot and then goes back to sleep for another 45-90mins... She is 17months now!

Our problem is DD is on SMA Lactose Free due to family history of lactose intolerance, she can occassionally have a bit of hard chesse but anything more makes her very uncomfy and very upset tummy... the GP has said that he will only prescribe the formula she is on until 18 months... what do they expect her to have then? I know she can have soya formula etc but surely she wont be having so much milk for much longer and it rally does taste vile (even tried mixing it with the sma and she wont drink it), other option is the lactofree cows milk but again I can't get her to drink it (but think got more chance than with the soya but the thing is it is SO expensive??

I was thinking that she will just drop her milk when she is ready as I am happy for her to have it as meaning she is getting hte calcium she doesnt get from eating other dairy??

Any thoughts suggestions greatly appreciated!! Her cousins are still having their milk prescribed at 5 and 3!!


MonsterousNasalPustule Mon 26-Oct-09 15:31:30

If she can't have regular milk then the formula should still be prescribed for her, seems strange the gp has decided on 18m. You can buy it from larger Boots and smaller pharmacy's will get it in but it isn't cheap.

pleasechange Mon 26-Oct-09 15:32:22

Good question, I often wonder the same thing. DS (16mths) still has 3 lots of milk a day, each of about 5 or 6 oz. I think I'll keep offering it while he's drinking it, but I don't know if there's any official advice as such

bamboobutton Mon 26-Oct-09 15:36:11

my ds has self weaned off milk and i can just about 8oz in him in the morning.

could you go to a different gp about the formula prescription?

Seona1973 Mon 26-Oct-09 18:14:40

from 1 year the recommended minimum is the equivalent of 350mls of milk (approx 12oz). This can be made up through food so not all (or any) needs to be in drink form.

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