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I need help to deal with whinging and teasing please

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racmac Mon 26-Oct-09 06:45:02

I have ds8, ds4 and ds2 and all day all i hear is constant teasing and annoying each other and its driving me up the wall

They are constantly calling each other names and then crying that they dont like it then call the other one the same name.

Mum ds did this, mum ds did that, mum, mum, mum aarrggghhh

I am trying to ignore but they just keep repeating "mum he called me a baby" until i respond.

DS8 will get involved in fights or arguments between the twolittle ones and make them even worse - then he gets shouted

Any coping strategies please

sdr Mon 26-Oct-09 08:19:49

Have you tried seperating them for 10 mins or so when they do it. I make them all sit in a different spot downstairs. It does get tiring for you but I find it can work when my DC's get into that horrible habit. Especially the older ones, they hate being treated like toddlers.

Pitchounette Mon 26-Oct-09 09:10:37

Message withdrawn

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