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Ds lacking confidence, just started school

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lilacclaire Sun 25-Oct-09 22:58:46

Ds is 4 (5 in january), he's a tall boy but very sensitive and seems to be unable to stand up to anyone that isn't nice to him or even brush it off, he takes it to heart and ends up crying.

Im thinking of starting him at a muay thai (kick boxing) class, not to kick ass, but to increase his confidence levels, I used to go and it did increase my confidence (was a bit of a pushover myself, but not to ds's extent).

Dp thinks he's far too young for this, im going to take him anyway, but does anyone have any other suggestions about how to bolster him a bit?

kcartyparty Sun 25-Oct-09 23:34:41

Your Dp may be right. He may be too young for this, and it may push him further into sensitivity.

Do you or DP play fight with Ds?

It may sound strange, but a good old fashioned play fight can help him learn to find his own way of fighting back.

How is he at home? Is he normally sensitive?

If you are worried he may get bullied at school speak to the teachers & ask them to keep an eye on him during break.

Best of luck

lilacclaire Mon 26-Oct-09 00:08:46

We do lots of play fighting, ds is like a typical boisterous boy at home and I think its such a shock for me to see him retreat like this at school.
He can be what I would call sensitive at home sometimes and it suprises me (im a bit thick skinned).
He does has friends and plays at school, but if anyones nasty he just doesn't know how to deal with it other than cry, I am worried it will make him a target tbh.

kcartyparty Mon 26-Oct-09 00:15:06

My DS2 was a bit like this. He was very boisterous at home, but at school... very sensitive.

He did get pushed about and allowed it to happen. The school was not understanding and I pulled him out (other reasons too).

He was home ed for 10 months. Then when his health improved - back to school.

He was different boy. Still didn't fight back, but loved the new teachers & smaller school. Felt he could tell them anything.

Maybe yr Ds just needs to find that special teacher or friend that will help him. Speak to the school about your concerns.

Mentors are there for these problems

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